Welcome, Fleshlings!

Hiya! I’m Hex (or Emile works too), they/them pronouns preferably. I draw and schtuff sometimes and screech at whoever’s willing to hear

trans rights are human rights

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Me? Making fan art for Sanders Sides and Panic! At the Disco? It’s more likely than you think

Alrighty, I’m here

Wassap, Fleshlings, it be me! I’m Hex or Emile, whatever suits your fancy, transmasc, non-binary, they/them pronouns preferably, and I’m asexual, possibly? aromantic? but I’m just gonna stick with demiromantic. Migrated from Tungle.Hell, make art schtuff, write little bits and pieces of mostly angst. I make too many puns for my own good. Honestly, at this point, it’s,,, pun-healthy! I’ll just see myself out... anyway, current main fandoms are Thomas Sanders (Sanders Sides, Cartoon Therapy, etc.), Avatar:The Legend of Aang, Dan Plan, and I can’t really think of too much right now.

So, welcome in, pull up a chair (if you want to), and have a nice stay (again, if you want to).

drawing i did for someones marvel au on tumblr they were awesome and i got excited

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Ahhh! Amazing!!